Saturday, April 4, 2009

Re-Upload of Military Collab Kit for PSP 7 and Up

Hey everyone, sorry to those who havent been able to open up the parts of this kit. When I saved everything it was in PSPX form so if you are using a version lower it was unopenable. I have went through and resaved everything in PSP7 form so as long as you are using 7 and above it should open for you. I am so sorry and will hopefully remember from now on. I hope by doing this everyone will be able to open it up. I would love to see any vreations you might make from it. Hugs, Dawn
You can download it HERE.


  1. Hello Dawn,
    Hope that you are doing well and recovering well.
    I have a friend that did my blog.
    Now every time I need help with mine she helps me out. Maybe she could do the same for you. This is her site and will see how it goes.
    just copy and paste and you are on your way..
    Hugs my friend and have a great Sunday.

  2. I love whats been done here. The new face lift is great. I'm glad you ask for help and that Diana could help you out.
    Have a great week my friend.

  3. thank you for the kit. I have downloaded it.