Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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For this tutorial I am using the wonderful artwork of Susan McKivergan and you can purchase her work at Artistic Minds Inc HERE. Or tube of choice and a closeup image of choice. Font of choice. Mask of choice, I am using EBD Mask2 (in my supplies) by Rachel. I have tried finding her site to get a link but each one I click on tells me its not available so if someone has that I would love to know so I could link to her. My supplies HERE (mask). The scrap kit I'm using is an Exclusive Scrap Kit from Missy and Tammy at Scraps With Attitude called Teen Love and you can purchase it HERE. Its a wonderful kit!!!
Open all your supplies in PSP and minimize for now. Open a new image 505x520. Layers, new raster layer and flood fill white. Take one of your papers or color/gradient of choice, I used Teen Love Tammy's Scraps _ Paper 6, copy and paste as a new layer. Go to Layers, new mask layer, from image and find your EBD Mask2 from the drop down and click OK. Right click on your original mask over in your layers pallet on the right, merge, merge group. Open up Teen Love_MP3 Player 1 or one of your liking. Resize to your liking and copy and paste onto your working canvas. Using your magic want click inside the grey area of the MP3 Player. Selections, modify, expand by 1. Copy and paste your close up image or tube of choice into the selection area. Go to selection, invert, delete. Add a dropsahdow of choice and lower the opacity to your liking. Copy and paste main tube of choice and place it next to the MP3 player, resize to your liking and add dropshadow of choice. Add any other elements of choice, resizing and dropshadowing to your liking. Add your copyright info. You can then add your name or animate yours like I did mine if you would like. Either way I think looks fine. If you would like the animated instructions please let me know and I'll try my best to explain, lol. I'm still getting used to the tut writing. I appreciate any constructive criticism.

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