Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Beautiful Scrap Kit by Bel Vidotti called Tania Mendes part of the Friendship Collection
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Tube of choice, I'm using the beautiful work of Zindy S.D. Nielsen and you can find her work on her own website HERE. Originally mine was purchased from MPT when she was with them but she has since went independent.
I'm using a beautiful scrap kit called Tania Mendes part of the Friendship Collection from Bel Vidotti at Bel Vidotti Scraps and you can find it on here blog HERE.
Mask WSL_84 by Chelle at Weescotslass Creations and you can find her masks on her blog HERE.
Open a new image, 600X400 and flood fill background white. Copy and paste paper of choice from the kit, BVS Friendship Tania Paper02. Go to layers, new mask layer, from image, from your drop down menu choose WSL_Mask84, click OK. On your layers pallet on the right click on your original mask and merge group.
Copy and paste frame, BVS Friendship Tania Frame02. Resize the frame to your liking, I resized mine by 80. Using your magic wand, click inside your frame, selections, modify, expand by 5. Copy and paste paper of choice, I used BVS Friendship Tania Paper03, selections, invert and hit delete on your keyboard. While still selected, copy and paste tube of choice and position where you like it and then hit delete on your keyboard. Selections, select none. Drag both layers under your frame. If you want you can do like I did and copy and paste your tube layer again and erase parts to make it look like its hanging over the frame.
Copy and paste any elements of choice that you like and add drop shadow of choice to these elements.
Add a drop shadow also to your tube and your frame.
Add your copy right info.Add your name.
All done!!!
Hope you've enjoyed this tut.

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