Friday, July 3, 2009

Patriotic Collab FTU Kit

2 really good friends of mine, Cathy and Kaci ,and I have put together a patriotic collab kit. Please keep in mind we are still fairly new to this, lol. I would have liked to work a little more on my part but have had alot going on and with 4th of July being tomorrow we figured we better get it up. So hope someone can find something to do with it. Any questions please feel free to email me Above you will find a preview to my kit and below is a link to my 4shared to download and then below that is links to the other 2 parts.

Hugs, Dawn


  1. Great tag and the kit is cool. Thank you for sharing this. I see you had a breat vacation time also..
    Have a great week and hope you had a great weekend.