Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preview of upcoming Military Collab kit

A very good friend of mine Cathy and I decided to put a military collab kit together. We are both new to making scrapkits. I only have my 2 previous ones and this will probably be her first public one. Anyway I just wanted to post a preview of my part of the kit. As soon as we get it all together we will get it posted on our blogs to share with everyone else. Mine contains a few of the same items from my first military collab. Not all elements are shown in the preview. I hope once we get it posted someone can use it for something. Hugs, Dawn


  1. i already love it Dawn, anything with military I'm in... So I can not way to see it all. I can purchase or snagge it if it is going to be a freebie..
    Thank you for sharing both of you guyses work.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks hun!!! It will be a freebie so you can snag away as soon as I get it posted. Hugs, Dawn