Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a quick Hello and a Tag Offer

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and hope that everyone is well. I hope to soon have something new for ya'll to create with but life has been crazy lately. Today will probably be hubbys last day in a military uniform and it is so weird. On top of that I've got some legal issues with student loans, not to mention trying to get back into school so I can take my final class to get my degree. But as usual, the school hasnt called back yet to give me any info. Next month I will have my surgery and I will have to stay at least 48 hours at the hospital after. I'm not one to be afraid of doctors or surgeries but I'm getting scared about this one for some reason. Other than that I've just been trying to make tags every now and then. Gonna attatch a tag I made last night using a wonderful Elias tube and a great scrapkit called A Pirate's Life from Yarrow. If you would like one just comment to this post and leave me an email to send it to. Hugs, Dawn


  1. Dawn, that tag is amazing.
    i would love one. kay please.

  2. Awww thank you so much Kay!!! You should have mail from me. Hugs, Dawn