Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Template, tag and soon to be tutorial...

Well recently I became part of the CT for Pimp My Tags With Scraps and I am super excited about it. Its been awhile since I've written any tutorials. After my BIL was killed in Afghanistan real life took priority. I still wish more than anything I could take this pain away from my sister. PSP was kinda on the back burner for me cause I couldnt really concentrate for anything. I've always been a fan of PMTWS so thought if any place could get me kickstarted again, they would be it. So wish me luck and I will try my best. I made a template that I used in the tag shown and it will be the tag I write the tutorial for, probably tomorrow as I'm about to head to bed. You can pick up the template for download on my 4shared HERE. In this post is a preview of the template and the tag I made and will be tutting. Hope it is OK. Hugs, Dawn

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